Some people were killed by the Indian army who were accused of escaping the central prision.Actually they were killed without any reason. If we search the contradictory statements of central officials we can understand that the encounter with Muslim youth is fake. This is hidden revenge of central government against Muslim society.

We have known that the government of Madhya Pradesh is under the Bharathiya Janatha Party. This encounter was accursed in Bhopal the capital of Madhya Pradesh .the statement of B.J.P government made the Indian Muslims worried.

The main contradictories which we can see between statements of Bhopal police and central government.


1.The attire of escapees was jeans and t-shirts. If they had escaped the prison
They couldn’t change the dress within few times.
2. Investigation officials say that they were found in an unhabitted area. but government says that they were caught by police when they were encounting with village people.
3. the current situation is diwali days:-all people celebrate the diwali whole day. In this situation no one can escape and hide from people.
4. they were caught by people together. But the criminal group come out the prison then won’t move together from prison.
Then how we can believe that the murder is the result of encounter. Really they were killed in fake encounter.
The B.J.P government is trying to eliminate the Muslims
From India instead of protecting them. Modi government’s traumatic policies against Muslims doesn’t agree with the Indian democracy . we have been seeing many examples which violate Indian constitution . they create the communalism in India for winning. Uttarpradesh legislative polls. We should identify all harrrasments of modi government against Muslims